International guarantee for all other countries

For this machine, which was designed and built for professional use, JURA AG offers to the end customer, in addition to the rights of guarantee from the retailer, a manufacturer’s warranty with the following terms and conditions:

12 months from the date of initial purchase

  1. JURA shall remedy all defects within the warranty period. JURA shall decide whether to remedy the defect by repairing the machine, replacing defective parts or replacing the machine. The performance of warranty services shall not cause the warranty period to be extended or restarted. Replaced parts shall become the property of JURA.
  2. A warranty service is not applicable for damage or defects caused by incorrect connection, incorrect handling or transport, repair attempts or modifications by unauthorised persons or non-compliance with the instructions for use. In particular, the warranty shall be void if JURA’s operating or maintenance  instructions are not followed or if maintenance products other than JURA water filters, JURA cleaning tablets or JURA descaling tablets are used which do not correspond to the original specifications. Wearing parts (e.g. seals, grinding discs, valves) are excluded from the warranty, as is damage caused by foreign bodies entering the grinder (e.g. stones, wood, paper clips).
  3. The sales receipt, specifying the purchase date and machine type, must be provided as evidence of warranty claims. In order to simplify the process, the sales receipt should also include the following information where possible: name and address of the customer and serial number of the machine.
  4. Guarantee and service is available in all countries where this product is officially distributed by Jura. For machines purchased in one EU country and taken to another EU country, services will be performed in accordance with the JURA warranty conditions applicable in this country. An obligation to provide warranty services only exists if the machine satisfies the technical specifications applicable in the country in which the warranty claim is made. In countries where JURA does not distribute the product, please contact JURA International Headquarters.

JURA International Headquarters, Switzerland
Phone number: +41 62 389 82 33
Address: JURA Elektroapparate AG
Kaffeeweltstrasse 10
4626 Niederbuchsiten